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Aug 21st, 2015 | by ViaDataWebAdmin |

At ViaData we use our own, purpose built, ‘Business Systems Engine’, Catalyst, as the foundation for all our custom software development. One of the strengths of Catalyst is the shared benefit we are able to pass on to all our clients, whenever we build new ‘general’ functionality in Catalyst or add new features to the base application.

Here’s an example of how a single modification benefitted everyone…

The default functionality for modifying a record in Catalyst is to run the Modify Method (double click the row in a grid) which opens a maintenance Screen for that record.

Catalyst already has the functionality built in to select multiple records in a grid and modify them all together, displaying a list on the left hand side of the maintenance screen of all the records selected. This then allows the user to navigate up and down the list of items on the left, to modify them via the panel on the Right Hand Side.

The enhancement


We wanted to improve this functionality to open with the multiple selection predefined by the developer. This requirement was specifically for our Travel CRM and Booking system, “Travelyst”, where we wanted to allow the user to double-click on a Quote Line, opening all lines on the Quote in the ‘Batch Modify’ mode, with the line that was clicked on selected on opening of the maintenance screen.

As the architecture of the Catalyst Windows client was structured in a sound way, we were able to easily improve the existing code to allow an additional attribute to be added to the code that executes a ‘Custom Modify’ Task in Catalyst – this new attribute defining which records should be selected when the Task was executed.

Now we are able to add a Custom task to the Quote lines on a Quote in Travelyst, which we set as the default Task on a Quoteline, causing it to run when the line is double clicked. The existing ‘single record’ Modify is still available on a right click.

The effort required to develop this enhancement was just a few hours, a major improvement on other software houses’ development times.

The improvement

The new functionality added to support a specific requirement in Travelyst was added to the generic functionality of Catalyst and is now available to easily be used by existing or future Catalyst based systems. A system improvement that is free of charge.

This multiplication effect is one of the key value improvements passed on to all of our clients when we develop software using Catalyst BSE. Improvements such as this one are included in the hosting and license fees of Catalyst systems. This means that our clients benefit from development that is done on projects other than their own at no cost to themselves.

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