Our Mission : Systems that last forever

August 22nd, 2017 | by ViaDataWebAdmin |

At a recent workshop, our MD was challenged with a question – “Why do you do what you do?”

After some introspection a common theme from all our staff was that what makes us different is that we aim to build systems that will last FOREVER. Forever is a long time, but it is amazing how a mindset like that can shape everything you do. We realised that while we may never have formally expressed it, for a long time this has been our driving thought – so we have now adopted it formally.

To assess how well we are doing at living to this mission statement, we asked some of our customers what they think of Catalyst and ViaData. This response came from Roz, one of our newest clients.

“Moving over to Catalyst has absolutely positively changed the way we work! The Catalyst framework is robust, reliable and easy to navigate and intuitive to use. The efforts and support from ViaData has been fantastic!

The data transfer from old to new was relatively trouble free, despite the mess that some of the original data was in. All our data was transferred accurately and we have therefore been able to seamlessly transfer and have retained the integrity of our information.

In addition, ViaData has improved our tools and workflows which has, among other things, allowed us to perform our tasks with far less manual intervention. We rarely have to wait long for new features to be added or bugs to be resolved.

In our case, we had data scattered around in ill-maintained and stagnant in-house built databases/tools – with no maintenance and no hope of making improvements or changes. Catalyst is maintained professionally and we have the option to make improvements and changes on a daily basis! Not only that, but we have the option to create new modules to aid other areas of the company and automate their processes.

All this in one neat, tight, reliable, ever growing and improving package.

Simply put: we couldn’t be happier with ViaData / Catalyst.”

Thanks Roz.

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