Travelyst Versions and Pricing Model

Dec 1st, 2016 | by ViaDataWebAdmin |

Travelyst Versions and Pricing Model

Travelyst is offered as either a “CRM” version or “Premium” version which increases flexibility for the client for both budget and transitioning your business processes into the Travelyst environment.

Travelyst CRM comes standard with the main features for enquiry management, customer lifecycle management and quote version management.

Travelyst Premium adds Travelyst CRM all functionality required to build detailed itineraries, produce documentation and integrate with a financial accounting system.

Travelyst is a turn-key, cloud based solution which requires no additional hardware/infrastructure costs. With a user-friendly interface, it is simple for everyone to start using from day one. Customers need a secure connection to the internet.

The system is offered on a monthly subscription fee per user.

The support team at Travelyst is available from your first purchase to assist with the installation, setup and training for each station and is available thereafter for any support related queries.

Travelyst Product Matrix

Setup and Configuration    
Multiple Organisations, Users and Email account set-up X X
Agencies and Agency Contacts X X
Agency Commission Structures X
Sales Stages X X
Currencies and Exchange rate Predictions X
Service Type set-up X
Enquiry Leads and Customer Information Management    
Load new enquiries (email, manual) X X
Load new enquiries (web integration) X
Custom data fields per customer X
Distribute enquiries X
Track Stales Stages and Idle Enquiries X X
Manage Sales Stage Change checklists X X
Custom ToDo tasks and follow-up reminders X X
Interaction Management and Email Integration    
Personalised outgoing emails X X
Personal Inbox Integration X
Document / Attachment Storage X X
Email templates (standard responses) X X
Automated emails (Clients and Suppliers) X
Supplier and Price List Management    
Supplier, Service and Option Management X
Rate management X
Multi-currency X
Quote and Version Tracking X X
Profitability and Conversion Ratio Measurement X X
Itinerary Builder (including line pricing) X
Flights from PNR (Galileo) X
Service confirmation (supplier booking references) X
Standard rate based pricing X
Passenger Information Records X
Wetu* Integration X
Quotes (own brand) X
Quotes (Agency branded) X
Customer confirmation X
Agent commission statements X
Vouchers X
Payment tracking X
Invoicing (Clients) and Self-invoicing (Agents and Suppliers) X
Commission Calculations X
VAT Accounting X



ViaData has been working in the tour operator business since 2009 and we know the travel business very well.  Travelyst is currently in use at 3 major tour operators across 10 brands in South Africa.

ViaData continually adds new functionality and features to Travelyst to keep the system current and to enhance the user experience and productivity of our clients. They are delighted!

Remember, these are just the highlights, and Travelyst has considerably more functionality. To find out more, or to arrange a free demonstration, please contact us!

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