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ViaData has over the last two decades, developed a reputation for rapidly providing applications that are robust, flexible and business focused. In so doing, ViaData has created the Catalyst BSE™ business systems engine that enables our modellers, business and systems analysts and developers to create business applications in the shortest possible time whilst maintaining developmental and business process integrity.

Catalyst BSE™ has enabled ViaData to develop and implement business applications,
  1. On spec (if not exceeding expectations);
  2. In less time (typically half the time required for a standard development cycle);
  3. At lower cost;
  4. With less risk;
whilst still maintaining data and process integrity.

Other benefits of using the Catalyst BSE™ include:
  • Business benefits of using the application are realised far sooner due to the early delivery of the project.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) can be demonstrated to management far sooner.
  • Far less money is spent on post project support and maintenance.
  • Commitment to develop a system is only made after the understanding of the system fundamentals is proven.
  • The system being developed will meet the client's requirements.
  • The risk of system failure due to unclear requirements is eliminated.
  • The system development process and, hence, the allocation and usage of scarce resources is predictable.
  • No surprises or omissions will be found during system development and implementation.
  • Scarce resources will not be wasted on unnecessary re-work.
  • The client will have increased confidence when planning.
  • The long-term quality of the customer's data resource will be optimised.
  • The database will be able to accommodate new ways of doing business, new lines of business, even new businesses - without restructuring the database and, thus, rewriting the systems that rely upon it.

To learn more about Catalyst BSE™ download the product brochure.

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