Travelyst is a cloud based Travel and Tour Operator business-process software solution that is differentiated by having a very strong integrated travel-oriented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) component. The CRM module delivers functionality similar to stand-alone CRM applications with the added benefit of a deep Travel Agent/Operator focus.

The CRM component of Travelyst is extremely efficient. Most travel agencies receive their enquiries into a common email box and then use a variety of office tools to distribute these enquiries to their consultants. Travelyst, however, provides a single interface from which consultants operate.

Travelyst is designed to manage the entire client interaction and consulting process, as a central hub for email, spreadsheets, all documentation, file systems and multiple travel applications from one central point.

In the world of travel and tour operators, it is nearly impossible to find a business application that fulfils all the functions essential to work effectively. Travelyst provides an end-to-end solution that fulfils all your operating requirements.

“Wow!! The flights add-on is absolutely magic, and it’s going to make a massive difference for us, really outstanding, thank you so very much!” - Shona Pittaway, Managing Director, Perfect Destinations.

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