The Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) is a world renowned sports research centre. It is also a successful fitness centre for professional and amateur athletes.

An increasingly outdated information system was threatening the sustainability of the business. Managers needed business insights and salespeople and fitness practitioners needed a reliable, flexible administration tool.

The SSISA board members were initially set on an off-the-shelf solution, but their business is significantly more complex than any such systems could cope with. The cost of customisation being prohibitive, they decided to give ViaData and Catalyst a chance.

Rolled out in phases, the final system was delivered in six months. The system is a 100% fit, with improvements in access to information, robustness, integration with office tools allowing custom reporting, integration with third party systems, better quality of data and improved workflow.

But the real value for SSISA is the flexibility that Catalyst provides as a foundation for growth.

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