ViaData has very strong skills in data modelling and analysis. These skills have played a key part in our success, providing us with a real understanding of the information that supports a business and enabling our developers to develop lasting solutions. Our business philosophy focuses strongly on system integration and solution flexibility.

ViaData has developed the Catalyst™ prototyping and development platform as a key differentiating strength for business system development. The use of the Catalyst™ system allows our programmers to take a data model and immediately create a system for prototyping and testing purposes. This same prototype can then be used to develop the final business system once testing has been completed, without having to develop from scratch once the go-ahead has been given. The Catalyst™ methodology cuts development time typically in half, giving huge cost and time saving to the client. [ more - methodology ]

ViaData's business analysts and developers have developed a wealth of business and systems knowledge and experience over almost two decades of development, which we apply as we move into a new business or technical area. In addition, we ensure that new knowledge and experience gained is retained for application in later developments through our Catalyst™ methodology and our extensive documentation process. [ more - experience ]
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