ViaData hires developers who are considered to be amongst the best in their field. Coupled with this, we look for people who are free thinkers, able to think objectively yet creatively in order to provide an original insight throughout the entire development process and beyond. We believe that by hiring intelligent, creative people and providing them with a stimulating environment where they can not only develop applications but also enhance their business knowledge, they in turn develop systems and environments that are class-leading, efficient, robust and complete.

As a result of this focus on our people, ViaData has an extremely low staff turnover. We have been able to capitalise on this by ensuring the continued growth and development of our people by providing them with new platforms, methodologies and developmental skills. Our clients have benefited by having excited, enthused and motivated staff working for them, who are at the top of their game, continually honing their skills.

We are very proud of our people and we commit to enhance their working lives as much as possible. In return, they have given ViaData and its clients unprecedented loyalty and commitment. This two way dedication can be evidenced by the standard of our systems and applications, and the fact that our clients continually recommend ViaData into the marketplace. [more - case studies]
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